Discover the Oder-Neiße Cycling Route

The Oder-Neiße Cycling Route follows along the two rivers and through three countries the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. The cycling route stretches almost the entire length of the German-Polish border. It ventures 630 kilometres from the spring of the Neiße River in Nová Ves in the Czech Republic to the tourist city of Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom. It follows from the Jizera Mountains along the borderline all the way up North to the Baltic Sea.

A shorter option is to start from the city of Mescherin in the region Uckermark continuing along the Oder River to the seaport of Szczecin Bay in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea.

Where Europe was once divided, the borderlines nowadays are blurred. On the top of the seawalls, the visitors gaze breathtaking views over the boundless landscape with a never-ending high blue sky. The wet meadows along the Oder River are a paradise for storks and breeding places for ground-nesting birds. Large parts are protected areas, a precious habitat for a fauna and flora, which seldom can be found somewhere else.

Attractions along the way are characterized by the Sorbian culture and way of life. The cycling route offers a unique variety of cultural highlights: the Sage of Aquarius, Gothic monuments, bilingual place name signs, magnificent costumes, beautiful painted Easter eggs, historical villages to name a few.

Great medieval trading centres such as Zittau and Görlitz combine architectural influences from Bohemia, Silesia, Brandenburg and Saxony. Today, lovingly renovated old towns shine in new splendour.

Sightseeing hotspots along the cycling path include the stunning landscape gardens of the Fürst Pückler’s Park in Bad Muskau, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site. The park is also a symbol of cross-border integration, since two-thirds are in Poland and one-third is in Germany.

From here, the cycle route continues through the landscape of the Lusatia region, which is characterized by the open-pit mining of the past. The Socialist planned city of Eisenhüttenstadt gives an excellent insight of the recent history and urban planning in the region. The old Hanseatic city of Frankfurt/Oder is well worth a visit and offers magnificent historical monuments of the North German Brick Stone Gothic.

Travelling further north, the landscape is characterized by colonists villages and historic towns but mainly dominated by the permanently changes of the picturesque floodplain of the Oder River. The seaside resorts on the island of Usedom form a truly imperial finish.

Highly recommended is a change from the top of the dike crest down into the worm’s eye perspective: Take a canoe trip and discover new perspectives of the beautiful landscape. The sound of the water is suddenly very close and the dense canopy offers protection from the world up there. Whilst the bicycles and luggage are brought to the next destination, you can enjoy the vastness of the pristine nature, watching it disappear behind the next river bend. It is peaceful and adventurous at the same time.

The Oder-Neisse Cycle has not only stunning landscapes and historical sights to see, but also culinary delights to offer.

Treat yourself, with regional specialities such as Goat’s cheese, quality wine from the region, fish fresh off the boat, Nudln or Salami, and local beers from the monastery brewery.

Best conditions for an unlimited connoisseur tour, here is something for everybody!

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